How to Scrap a Car: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Do It.

The amount is decided by the weight of the scrapped car and is usually Rs 15 per kilogram of metal pieces. Scrapping entails chopping up the automobile and recycling it. Here's what you need know before you get started.

When to do it?

A automobile can be scrapped if it has been substantially damaged in an accident, has been inactive for a long time and is no longer in functioning order, has passed its expiry date and the Registration Certificate (RC) or certificate of fitness has not been renewed by the RTO. The expiration date varies by state.

How to scrap it?

Go to a government-approved auto scrapper, of which there are now just four in the National Capital Region (NCR) region, according to the Delhi Transport Department. If you don't provide the necessary documentation, your automobile will be demolished.

Why and How to De-register a Vehicle?

The authorized scrapper will provide you with the chassis number and a photo of the scrapped automobile, which you may submit to the RTO to get a vehicle scrapping certificate.

According to the most recent government notification, The scrapper will not send up the chassis number but will hold it for six months before destroying it. He will enter the scrapping certificate into the VAHAN database and deregister the vehicle. It is critical to deregister the vehicle so that it is not resold and abused. Going to an authorized scrapper is critical since only he will offer the certificate needed to deregister the vehicle.

Which documents need to be submitted?

To have the car dismantled at an authorized scrapper, you must submit a copy of the registration certificate, A fitness certificate (declaring the car unfit), a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, bank account details (where the money will be deposited), a crossed cheque, the car owner's authorization, and, if the registered owner is deceased, a death/succession certificate.

What price will you get?

The amount is decided by the weight of the scrapped car and is usually Rs 15 per kilograms of metal pieces. You can earn a greater price for the vehicle if it is in functional order and its parts can be sold.

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