A higher level of safety is required for electric two-wheelers: Ather Power

This followed a series of fires involving e-scooters, which alarmed users. The business stated that the stringent AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY STANDARDS - 156 (AIS-156) already in place must be supplemented for safer EVs.

Ather Energy, a Bengaluru-based Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has stated that authorities must enhance statutory safety requirements for electric two-wheelers in order to make the battery-powered cars safer on the road.

At Ather, we have implemented more strict internal criteria to assure the safety and dependability of our scooters, and we have fully tested them for 100,000 kilometers. We build our batteries to be more resistant to the commencement and spread of thermal runaway (fire) than AIS 156 requires, It stated.

According to Ather, the cells used in EV batteries in India are designed and manufactured for nations with lower average temperatures.

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