High driving test pass rates in Delhi revealed as manipulation.

The sudden increase in the number of persons passing the driving license test, especially at a regional transport office (RTO) in Surajmal Vihar, had raised suspicion within the Delhi Transport Department. In response to a complaint, the department investigated the situation and found that the passing percentage on the automated testing track had increased from 55%-60% to 80%-85% in the last few months. Further investigation revealed that an RTO inspector was violating rules for passing candidates, leading to the suspension of the officer.

The 'irregularities' occurred despite all 16 driving tracks in the capital being automated. According to officials, the suspended inspector tampered with the 'conflict of results' rule, which allows motor licensing officers (MLOs) to grant a license to a candidate who successfully passes the driving test even if for various reasons the CCTV footage is not available. The footage is unclear. For example, if a pigeon flies near the camera, wind causes the image to flicker, or persons inadvertently obstruct the camera's view, the 'conflict of consequences' rule is used in rare cases to issue a license. goes.

However, the suspended officer of Surajmal Vihar misused this rule by issuing licenses to the candidates who failed in the examination. As a result, the Department has removed the option to use the rule from all MLOs in all zones. The driving license tests in Surajmal Vihar are conducted on an automated track in Vishwas Nagar under the supervision of an invigilator, and an investigation by the department has revealed misuse of the 'conflict of results' rule.

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