38 year old Hero Honda CD100 meticulously restored to its original factory condition

Restoration project videos have become increasingly popular online because of the satisfaction they provide. These videos demonstrate the restoration of old and worn items such as automobiles to their original factory condition. What sets these videos apart is the storytelling aspect that comes with the restoration process. Recently, a fascinating restoration video of one of India's iconic motorcycles, the 1985 Hero Honda CD100 SS, was shared by Clutch & Gear on YouTube.

The video starts with a voiceover explaining that the bike arrived in Pune, Maharashtra from Bengaluru, Karnataka. The owner had purchased an old motorcycle and sent it for repairs after extensively removing the nuts and bolts. What made this project particularly challenging was that the bike was shipped without prior inspection, leaving the restoration team with no knowledge of its condition.

The video carefully shows before shots of the bike, highlighting its poor condition. The restoration team decided to retain as many original parts as possible while focusing on improving the bike mechanically and aesthetically. His plan included a complete engine overhaul, chain sprocket replacement, a complete paint job, chassis restoration and re-chroming all chrome components.

The video shows a technician carefully disassembling the bike, checking each part and preparing them for repair. The petrol tank presented a significant challenge as the previous owner's unsuccessful attempt to repair it with M-Seal had left several holes in it. Despite their efforts to find a replacement tank, the team opted to fill and weld the holes, preparing it for a new coat of paint.

The components of the bike were sent for painting, the owner was consulted in Bengaluru for the choice of colour. After much deliberation, the stylish silver color was chosen. Since the original stickers were not available, the team put in extra efforts and created new stickers.

The video then documents the careful reassembly process by the same technician who took the bike apart. Almost every part is new except the engine block and carburetor. The engine block had to undergo sandblasting before being fitted back into the bike.

Additionally, the bike received new tires and wheels, and every chrome element was re-chromed to bring it to like-new condition. After a lot of hard work, the bike was finally ready. Just before delivery, the paint was finalized and the owner, who had flown in from Bangalore, came to collect the beautifully restored bike.

These restoration videos showcase not only the technical prowess of the restoration team, but also their passion and dedication to recreating classic pieces of automotive history.

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