Harley-Davidson X440 Scrambler: New 2024 Model in India

Harley-Davidson is gearing up to introduce its own scrambler model, based on the Harley-Davidson X440, in response to the growing trend of scrambler motorcycles in the Indian market. Following the recent launch of the Triumph Scrambler 400 X, Harley-Davidson is set to join the fray with a scrambler of its own. This forthcoming model, tentatively named the Harley-Davidson X440 Scrambler, is in the advanced stages of development, with the primary delay in its launch attributed to the need to meet production demands for the X440, upon which it is based.

Intriguingly, the development of the 440 scrambler ran concurrently with the creation of the X440 and is poised to offer a distinct flavor and variant within the Harley-Davidson X440 platform made in India.

Under the hood, the Harley-Davidson X440 Scrambler will be powered by the same 440 cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled, two-valve Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) engine. This powerplant generates 27 bhp at 6,000 rpm and 38 Nm at 4,000 rpm. However, it is anticipated that certain modifications to the chassis and gearing will be made to imbue the X440 Scrambler with its unique character. A 19-inch front wheel will enhance ground clearance, potentially offering more suspension travel and block-pattern tires suitable for scrambling adventures. While the frame is expected to remain largely unchanged, there may be minor adjustments to its geometry to accommodate the larger front wheel.

The design of the scrambler is eagerly anticipated and is expected to be entirely fresh, endowing the bike with its distinctive character and identity. The X440 Scrambler is likely to share the 3.5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display with the X440, with connectivity features available in the top-tier trim levels, including turn-by-turn navigation, call and message alerts, and music controls. Similar to the X440, the Scrambler may come with options for both wire-spoke wheels and alloys equipped with tubeless tires.

As for its launch timeline, there is currently no specific date set, given that Harley-Davidson India and Hero MotoCorp have only recently commenced deliveries of the X440. An educated estimate suggests a potential launch in the second quarter of 2024, with deliveries following shortly thereafter. In addition to the Harley-Davidson offering, Royal Enfield is also anticipated to introduce its Scrambler 650 model sometime in 2024, providing Indian motorcyclists with even more options in the scrambler segment.

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