More green vehicles than diesel vehicles are registered in the areas of Pune and PCMC.

In Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, the total number of green fuel-powered cars registered has for the first time surpassed that of diesel-powered cars. In Pune, a total of 13,154 cars using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and electricity were registered between January and June of this year. 10,100 diesel-powered cars were registered in the same time frame. In a same vein, 9,148 Electric Vehicles (EVs) and CNG-powered cars as opposed to 7,347 diesel-powered vehicles have been registered at the Pimpri Chinchwad Regional Transport Office (RTO) office.

One of the possible causes might be the high cost of petrol. For the previous two years, EV registration has been at an all-time high. While the number of registrations for gasoline-powered cars is still large, an RTO official stated that the rise in the number of electric and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles against diesel shows a significant shift in consumer behaviour.

In Pune, fewer than 19,000 diesel-powered vehicles were registered last year compared to approximately 12,000 electric and compressed natural gas vehicles. Around 1.25 lakh cars running on gasoline and 12,000 vehicles using both gasoline and CNG were registered.

Dealers claimed that a decline in sales was not anticipated despite the periodic increases in CNG's price.

The cost of CNG may be expensive, but the advantage of CNG still outweighs the per-kilometer cost of operating a car for the client. The cost of EVs may be significantly greater, but buyers may recoup that expense in two to three years, according to a vehicle dealer.

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