All automobiles transporting up to eight passengers must have six airbags, according to the government.

All automobiles carrying up to eight passengers must have six airbags, according to the Indian government. Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari stated in a series of tweets that he has authorised a Draft General Statutory Rules (GSR) Notification mandating the use of at least six airbags. According to Gadkari, airbags are now required for vehicles in the M1 category. For the uninitiated, an M1 category vehicle is one that is utilized for passenger transportation and has no more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat.

"I have now authorized a Draft GSR Notification to make a minimum of 6 airbags mandatory in motor vehicles carrying up to 8 people, in order to improve the safety of the occupants." Nitin Gadkari remarked in a tweet. "The Ministry has already required the adoption of driver airbag fitting w.e.f 01st July 2019 and front co-passenger airbag fitment w.e.f 01st January 2022" , he added.

To reduce the effect of frontal and lateral crashes on occupants in both the front and rear compartments, the M1 vehicle category will need four extra airbags, including two side/side torso airbags and two side curtain/tube airbags for all outboard passengers. This is a critical step in making India's motor vehicles safer than ever before. This will, in the end, assure passenger safety across all sectors, regardless of vehicle pricing or variety.

  • The announcement coincides with India's National Road Safety Week 2022, which runs from January 11 to 18. When it comes to road safety, India is one of the worst countries in the world, with the largest number of road fatalities.

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