The Delhi government has launched an EV information portal.

The Delhi government created a dedicated webpage on Thursday in order to provide all relevant information about Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the national capital on a single platform. The website provides information on available Electric Vehicle (EV) models, discounts, and charging facilities, among other things, said Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot at the inaugural ceremony, adding that the Delhi government aimed to provide the people with a user-friendly, interactive, and useful platform.

"This new website will be able to deliver all necessary information to potential EV buyers while also staying up to date with sales and daily developing charging infrastructure statistics", Gahlot stated.

The website also gives information on charging station locations and charger specifications. Delhi now offers 377 charging outlets in 170 sites, and the number is growing. According to a statement made by the transportation department, the website will also give users with real-time updated numbers.

The webpage also includes a 'EV calculator', which estimates the fuel savings of a certain EV in compared to its corresponding conventional car.

It allows customers to make a sensible choice and recognize the cost savings that an EV may provide, Gahlot explained. Aside from the pricing, brand, and range supplied by a certain EV, the portal's dashboard also provides real-time data on Delhi's EV ecosystem, including vehicle sales and adoption in Delhi.

The website also has a feedback and complaints area where stakeholders can provide input. According to the statement, for grievances and requests, an auto-generated e-mail will be issued to both the customer and the transportation department.

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