The government is seeking information from EV manufacturers on quality control and safety mechanisms.

In response to the growing number of incidents involving Electric Vehicles (EVs) catching fire, the Centre has requested comprehensive reports from EV manufacturers on the safety protocols and quality control measures they have adopted. The EV players have been given a week to reply to the situation.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) said in an email obtained by The Economic Times, "You are requested to forward copies of functional safety standards, standard operating procedures in respect of quality assurance and quality control mechanisms being followed, and the protocol for testing for the components."

The government has also requested 'thought, proposals, and recommendations' from EV stakeholders on the regulatory system for preventing similar fires in the future.

The decision was made in response to a meeting called by MoRTH officials on April 25 to discuss the safety of electric vehicles. Two-wheeler and three-wheeler EV manufacturers attended the gathering. During the conference, EV manufacturers were allegedly 'sensitised' to quality and safety criteria at different phases of design, procurement, production, and maintenance.

The Government Cracks The Whip

Three individuals have died as a result of EV fires recorded around the country, and many more have been wounded.

Concerned about these instances, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari issued a harsh warning, threatening 'negligent' EV producers with severe consequences. He also urged EV manufacturers to take prompt steps to recall all problematic batches of automobiles.

Following this, three EV manufacturers Pure EV, Ola, and Okinawa announced the recall of nearly 7,000 vehicles. To allay public fears, the Centre has also dispatched a high-level team to accident locations to investigate the situation.

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