Government enforces mandatory helmet norms for police and water dispensers.

The government has introduced mandatory quality standards for police force helmets, bottled water dispensers and door fittings to promote domestic manufacturing and tackle imports of substandard products. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) issued three separate notifications on October 23, 2023, including the Helmets, Bottled Water Dispensers (Quality Control) for Police Forces, Civil Defense and Personal Protection (Quality Control) Order, 2023. Are included. Are included. Order, 2023, and Door Fittings (Quality Control) Order, 2023.

These notifications state that products cannot be produced, sold, traded, imported or stored unless they bear the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark. These rules will come into force after six months from the date of publication of the notification. Concessions have been given to support small and micro industries and to facilitate compliance with Quality Control Orders (QCOs). Small industries are given an additional nine months to comply and micro industries are given an additional 12 months to comply.

DPIIT in collaboration with BIS and relevant stakeholders has identified more than 60 new QCOs covering 318 product standards. Violation of the provisions of the BIS Act is punishable with imprisonment of up to two years or a minimum fine of Rs 2 lakh in the first instance. Subsequent offenses can attract a fine ranging from a minimum of Rs 5 lakh to ten times the value of the goods or articles concerned.

The Department is actively engaged in initiatives to promote quality awareness among both consumers and manufacturers. These efforts, along with the establishment of quality testing laboratories and product manuals, are expected to promote a culture of quality in the country. Mandatory QCOs play an important role in stemming the flow of substandard products, preventing unfair trade practices and ensuring the safety of consumers and the environment.

Furthermore, these initiatives, along with the development of testing laboratories, product manuals and accreditation of testing facilities, are essential for nurturing a quality-oriented environment within the country. Earlier, similar orders have been issued for various goods like smart meters, welding rods and electrodes, cookware and utensils, fire extinguishers, electric ceiling fans and domestic gas stoves. (Please note that the headline and image in this report may have been edited by Business Standard staff, while the rest of the content is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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