Going to the RTO in Indore? Don't forget to wear a helmet.

You must wear your helmet if you intend to visit the Regional Transport Office in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the office campus. Officials from the RTO issued a directive, in accordance with the transport commissioner, requiring all personnel to wear helmets when operating two-wheelers. Additionally, they made it necessary for everyone riding a motorcycle or scooter to the office.

People should wear helmets when operating two-wheelers since they help to avoid injuries in the case of an accident. No cyclist will be permitted to access our campus without a helmet, thus we've made it mandatory, according to ARTO Archana Mishra. All state government employees will be required to wear helmets, she noted.

To encourage people to wear helmets, the traffic police have also launched an awareness campaign throughout the city. Cops have given flowers and information about the value of helmets to people who are not wearing them. The public was also advised by officials to wear helmets since a citywide campaign against violators would begin following the Diwali celebrations.

All government personnel were required by the transport commissioner to use seatbelts or helmets when riding two-wheelers or other vehicles. The commissioner issued the instructions, citing the Jabalpur High Court's directives mandating that everyone wear a helmet.

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