Gogoro's new CrossOver E-Scooter features four luggage compartments.

What sets this crossover apart is its remarkable versatility. Designed to conquer both urban roads and challenging terrain, Gogoro's crossover is a seamless blend of utility and adventure. While other manufacturers are venturing into the electric scooter sector, Gogoro is the first to offer a high-performance electric version in the mainstream market.

However, the crossover is not just about handling diverse scenarios; It's all about personalization. Riders have the freedom to change and customize it as per their heart's desire, making it equally suitable for everyday trips and weekend getaways. Need storage space? The crossover has four built-in cargo compartments and can be equipped with additional accessories such as a luggage rack.

Performance remains the top priority. Featuring a strong 7.6-kilowatt electric motor and Gogoro's exclusive Flow Drive belt system, it guarantees both power and silent operation. The newly designed all-terrain chassis enhances rigidity, while a generous 14.2 cm ground clearance ensures that it can handle bumps and obstacles with ease. Furthermore, safety is paramount with features like traction control system and optional cruise control. For tech-savvy riders, integration with Gogoro's connectivity suite, which includes LTE smart remote services and a dedicated mobile app, adds to the appeal.

Initially offered in Taiwan in two variants, the Crossover and the Crossover S, there is exciting news for international enthusiasts. Gogoro has hinted at expanding its availability beyond Taiwan, so the Electric Adventure may soon be coming to your region for those who have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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