Goa will put in place a thorough mobility strategy.

Panaji: On Friday, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant convened a meeting to go through the State's comprehensive mobility strategy and the city's parking master plan.

"Chaired a meeting on Comprehensive Mobility Plan for the state. The plan is aimed at bringing better connectivity and environment friendly transport infrastructure in the state," Tweets from Sawant.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister gave instructions to all the involved departments, including those in charge of transportation, river navigation, port management, the Kadamba Transport Corporation, and other organisations, to develop a plan of action for implementing a comprehensive mobility plan for the State that would improve connectivity and create more environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure there.

A comprehensive mobility strategy for the State and a master plan for parking in Panaji were presented in detail during the conference by Consultant Agency Urban Mass Transit Company.

The mobility plan, according to authorities, intends to establish a suitable network of routes throughout Goa that would promote easy and hassle-free transportation throughout the State.

The correct methods for jetty connection, airport connectivity, multi-model transport integration, mobility hubs, a network of bus stops, freight corridors and freight scheduling for truck movements, as well as improvements to footpaths, will all be included in the mobility plan.

The Imagine Panaji Smart City seminar included a number of parking management-related topics. The Chief Minister was made aware of a number of measures that had been included in the master plan for the enhancement of junctions, parking spaces, and zones that would aid in the implementation of scientific parking management and city planning.

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