Get your learner's permit online in Noida now.

The switch took three days, and offline slots for the learner's licence exam will no longer be accessible. People may now acquire their licence in a matter of days instead of three months, thanks to the process's simplification. The application and testing procedures for earning a learner's licence in Gautam Budh Nagar have both been made computerised.

"People can use the Parivahan app to fill out the form for a faceless learner's licence. A little cost is required to be paid. The exam may be booked within the next few days, and the learner's licence can be obtained online immediately after passing the test," said A K Pandey, assistant regional transport officer, Gautam Budh Nagar.

He also stated that there are currently just two daily spots for offline examinations, which are reserved for contingencies and persons who are unable to apply online. Every day, more than 150 people apply in the district.

However, as the procedure becomes easier, the district's candidate pool is projected to grow. On the other hand, it may result in a lengthier waiting period for permanent licences.

A month after receiving a learner's licence, an individual in Uttar Pradesh can apply for a permanent licence. The driving exam for a permanent licence, on the other hand, is physical, and there is a three-month waiting list. The waiting period may lengthen more as the number of applications increases.

Most transportation services, including as car registration, fitness certifications, licences, and vehicle transfers, have been moved online.

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