Future mobility solutions will be developed by Tata Motors and Bengaluru's Strate School of Design

To provide budding car designers the chance to create the mobility solutions of the future, Tata Motors Design, a centre of excellence for automotive design and engineering, has announced its partnership with the Strate School of Design in Bengaluru.

This strategic partnership will support the development of an advanced auto-design curriculum and education in India through interaction and classroom projects that are relevant to the industry, in line with the company's aim to cultivate future-ready talent.

In order to close the talent gap between industry and academia, Tata Motors Design and Strate School of Design will collaborate to produce graduates who are prepared for the workforce and who can both design and manufacture sustainable and futuristic automotive solutions that meet customer expectations.

"At Tata Motors Design, we appreciate variety and the distinctive views, greater creativity, and motivation that can be gained," stated Martin Uhlarik, Head of Global Design at Tata Motors. 

We are dedicated to the development of talent and abilities as an internationally competitive car design studio in India. Based on a larger goal of enhancing design education in India through a progressive curriculum, interactions, and real-world classroom projects, our partnership with the Strate School of Design was established. We hope to fill skills gaps and develop bright, technically proficient workers for the automotive industry through this classroom initiative. We think that this class project has the potential to provide ground-breaking ideas that will redefine, rethink, and reinvent future mobility solutions.

The five-year classroom project will help candidates who are interested in a career in automotive design refine their abilities at the entry-level and look into job prospects in the rapidly expanding automotive industry in the country. In order to solve real-world mobility issues and find existing answers, the class project will entail experimenting with new software and cutting-edge technology, including a comprehensive zero-emission transportation concept.

Thomas DAL, Director and Dean of Strate School of Design, claims that "With a robust industrial collaboration program that extends around the globe, Strate School of Design has long held the top spot in mobility design education. With the assistance of the brilliant international team at Tata Motors Design, we are currently working in partnership with them to investigate new paths and prospects for mobility systems in the Indian environment."

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