From April 1, a ban on ageing autorickshaws will be imposed in Gurugram.

According to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities, an enforcement drive will begin on April 1, Friday across the entire Gurugram district to implement the ban on 15-year-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel autorickshaws in accordance with the Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal (NGT) orders to reduce pollution.

According to authorities, autorickshaw unions requested the Haryana government during a meeting in February this year that they be given extra time to trash their cars, and it was decided that March 31 would be the cut-off date.

According to MCG assistant commissioner Vaishali Sharma, a district-level task group has been formed to impose the prohibition. It is made up of Gurugram police, district administration, and district transport department personnel. The police have been given a list of the banned car's registration numbers. They have been directed to launch an aggressive campaign against violators beginning April 1, she added, adding that the task force will also provide a daily report on impounded automobiles.

Nishant Kumar Yadav, deputy commissioner of Gurugram, stated that officers will begin impounding automobiles that breach the restriction on April 1st. They were never going to be freed again. We know that certain illegal cars are still operating clandestinely in Gurugram's rural regions, and the police will undoubtedly track and seize them, he added.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Ravinder Singh Tomar stated that all zone officers will be involved in the ban's implementation.

According to sources, a combined enforcement team of Gurugram traffic police and RTO officials impounded prohibited autorickshaws that were plying exclusively in the city region in December last year, but the operation would now be district-wide.

Ravinder Yadav, district transport officer and RTO secretary, stated that the campaign will affect around 5,200 passenger and cargo autorickshaws in Gurugram. Enforcement campaigns by the district administration and police will dissuade violators, he added.

According to a senior police official familiar with the situation, a considerable number of prohibited autorickshaw owners have sold their cars in rural Gurugram, neighboring districts, and even Rajasthan since authorities began impounding them in the city last year.

However, in order to save money, the owners omitted any type of documentation, including ownership transfer. As a result, the RTO database reveals that there are a considerable number of prohibited autorickshaws still operating in Gurugram, he explained.

According to the officer, once a prohibited vehicle is detained beginning April 1, it will not be returned to the owner, even for scrapping.

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