Forest division officials received a notice from Transport department for payment of Rs 5.50 lakh

Officials from the forest division received a notice from the transport department demanding payment of Rs 5.50 lakh in road tax for a 15-year-old four-wheeler. The vehicle, ironically, cost around Rs 5.90 lakh.

The notice prompted officials to look into the matter. It was discovered that the auto dealer from whom the department purchased the vehicle in 2007 withheld the lifetime payment of road tax at the time of vehicle registration. As a result, the tax amount has risen, as has the penalty for late payment.

As a result, forest department officials filed a complaint with the Kotwali police. On the basis of the complaint, a case was registered against the auto dealer under section 406 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (criminal breach of trust), Kotwali police said on Friday.

According to forest officials, the vehicle was purchased from Central Motors in January 2007 for Rs 5.90 lakh, which included Rs40,000 for road tax and insurance.

In his complaint to the police, forest department Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) RK Solanki stated that in January 2007, the department paid Rs 40,000 to the auto dealer for the vehicle's lifetime road tax.

The department had received a notice from the transport department for a four-year delay in payment of road tax for the same vehicle, but the matter had been resolved at the time by the then-officials. Another notice was issued by the transportation department in September 2021, and this time the department decided to file a police complaint.

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