Ford employees at the Chennai plant go on strike.

Workers are clamouring for a raise in pay. We've been on strike since Monday, and the unit hasn't been producing since then. We have requested a better remuneration package, which the management refuses to accept, PTI quoted a worker's union official as saying. Some personnel are on strike inside the huge complex at Maraimalai Nagar, approximately 40 kilometers from here, according to the union official, while others are protesting outside the unit.

We have decided to go forward with the strike this time because the severance compensation is expected to take at least 15 days to settle. And because June 30 is projected to be the last working day, we have called a strike ahead of time, he stated When contacted by Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI), a Ford spokesperson said the production standstill in the Chennai vehicle assembly factory since Monday is "unfortunate" given continuing talks with union officials on all outstanding issues, including compensation. We may not be able to offer information at this time due to the ongoing nature of the conversations with the union. We will have more to share later, the representative said.

Employees staged a protest in September 2021, demanding greater pay, after the automaker revealed that as part of its restructuring, it would suspend vehicle manufacturing at two of its plants Sanand in Gujarat and Maraimalai Nagar near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Negotiations with management, according to an employee, are moving at a snail's pace. Because it's unclear whether all of their requests will be fully met, we've joined the strike, he explained. According to another employee, the demand is for compensation for 300 days, although management may be willing to bargain and accept less.

They (management) want a substantially smaller settlement package, which is in direct opposition to our demands. However, given the strike, we hope they would reconsider their position, he stated According to industry insiders. The Tamil Nadu government expected Ford's Chennai facility to be taken over by another manufacturer, but no positive results have been obtained thus far, leaving workers concerned about their future. Tata Motors recently announced the signing of a tripartite agreement with Ford and the Gujarat government to purchase Ford's automobile manufacturing business in Sanand.

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