FC information on some vehicles is not available on the RTO website.

Several city car owners have claimed that because the Fitness Certificate (FC) expiry date of some of their vehicles is missing from the Regional transport office RTO website, they are being harassed by the Police Department when having their vehicles checked.

Police officers verify car documentation at all main routes, intersections, and circles. Car owners must show physical paperwork for their vehicle as well as the Registration Certificate (RC) while the documents are being checked . However, the RC is double-checked by the police on the RTO website.

In most cases, the Registration Certificate (RC) contains information on the car, the owner's name, the registration, and the FC. The Police want to establish the authenticity of the car and compare it with the RTO website by reviewing the website. However, owing to non-upload of data and technological faults, some car data is not always available on the website, causing issues.

Vehicle owners claim that despite possessing legitimate documentation and an FC that is long over its expiry date, they are being hounded by police during the vehicle document checking drive.

Police do not believe the information stated on the RC book or card. Even if the RC card is produced, they completely rely on the information available on the RTO website and if the information is missing from the website, vehicle owners are harassed, a vehicle owner claimed, adding that he had a similar experience with the Insurance agency, which refused to renew the policy.

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