In Maharashtra, a faceless RTO was established to provide online access to driver's licences, RCs, and NOCs.

Vehicle owners in Maharashtra will find it easier to obtain important documents such as a driver's licence and a registration certificate. The state government today announced the establishment of faceless Regional Transport Offices, or RTOs, to allow residents to access up to six critical services without leaving their homes. The move is intended to make obtaining these documents simple and painless, without the burden of queuing outside RTOs, and to save paper by adopting the online route. To maximise the value to consumers, the faceless RTO facility has been implemented across the state.

The faceless RTOs were launched today by Satej Patil, Maharashtra's Minister of State for Transport. He stated that these services would be available right away. The candidate must enrol himself using his Aadhar number and an OTP provided to his registered mobile number. The application will be completed after verification from the Aadhar portal, the minister said during the launch of the programme.

Six services will be available online from the faceless RTOs. Secondary Registration Certificates, No Objection Certificates, Change of Address on Registration Certificates, Renewal of Driving Licences, and Change of Address on Licences and Renewal of Licences are examples of these. To take use of these services, users must link their mobile phone numbers to their Aadhaar cards.People can apply online from the comfort of their own homes, saving valuable time. The applicant will receive their licences or registration certificates in the mail. This will also save important paper and time because there will be no need to make copies of documents, according to the minister.

According to the minister, these faceless RTOs would not only make the procedure easier, but will also provide system transparency in a timely and environmentally beneficial manner. Other state governments have taken similar steps in the past, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak, when the lockdown was imposed. To alleviate overcrowding at RTOs, some critical services were made available online.

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