EV fires are caused by a lack of "basic safety mechanisms."

An expert group appointed to investigate the accidents discovered that the electric two-wheelers implicated in recent fire incidents lacked 'basic safety measures,' forcing the government to demand remedial procedures from and warn of punitive action against their producers.

According to an official familiar with the panel's conclusions, there was no 'venting mechanism' for hot cells to dissipate energy and the 'battery management system' was extremely lacking.

The panel stated that many of the electric two-wheelers came with just "minimal capability" and that "shortcuts" were used instead of prioritising vehicle safety.

The expert panel's final report is due in a week, but its safety suggestions have already been shared with Electric Vehicle (EV) makers.

"Many EV two-wheeler makers have already been accused of cutting corners, according to companies. Their cells did not pass the tests. The venting mechanism is absent in many circumstances. They're exploding and catching fire. They are primarily low-quality cells " According to the official.

Flaws in the Battery Management System

    The panel stated that there was no system in place to detect cell failure or overheating and isolate failing battery cells.

    A vented cell battery allows for the discharge of gaseous pressure while operating, preventing the cell casing from rupturing.

    "Second, the battery management method is far from simple. When a battery becomes overheated, it must be detected and disconnected. Even a basic working Battery Management System (BMS) will accomplish this. These vehicles lacked even the most basic cell identifying system" the official continued.

    In an electric vehicle, a sophisticated battery management system monitors and adjusts the current supply to prevent overcharging and overheating.

    Battery packs must normally meet the Automotive Research Association of India's (ARAI's) safety criteria. It's puzzling how these automobiles passed muster in the absence of such fundamental safety measures.

    According to the official, the government has communicated the expert panel's suggestions for corrective action to the relevant corporations and has inquired as to why it should not pursue legal action against them.

    Meanwhile, numerous automakers have begun recalling electric vehicles from the market.

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