EV charging stations will be installed by ElectricPe at JSW Group's office and factory locations.

One of India's biggest conglomerates, Jindal South West (JSW) Group, has selected ElectricPe as its charging partner. According to a press statement from the firm, this relationship was made possible by JSW's new green strategy, which provided incentives for staff to buy electric vehicles and installed charging stations inside the plant and office buildings.

The necessary charging infrastructure has already been established by ElectricPe at the JSW Mumbai Office main office. JSW offices in Vasind, Dolvi, Vijayanagar, Sholtu, and Jharsuguda will shortly get the company's expanded services.

The collaboration will further both JSW's commitment to boosting Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and ElectricPe's goal of giving EV users a smooth experience. Together, the pair aids India's transition to a net-zero mission by 2070 and promotes green mobility in the nation.

The goal of JSW Group is to facilitate speedier EV adoption in the nation and carbon-free mobility for Group personnel. The objective is to increase business and governmental organizations' ambition to help India's transition to net zero by 2070.

"JSW Group's EV Policy is a unique initiative leading to higher adoption of EVs, which will widen our efforts and offer access to green transportation," stated Dilip Pattanayak, President & CHRO of JSW Group. Employees at corporate offices and manufacturing facilities will benefit from a smooth charging experience thanks to the partnership with ElectricPe since they can now use rapid charging stations within buildings that improve the riding experience for electric vehicles.

An easy-to-use platform for finding, using, and paying for EV charging stations is provided by ElectricPe, a B2C EV charging and demand generating firm. Through its climate change programs, the JSW Group has been attempting to lessen its negative effects on the environment during the previous few decades.

ElectricPe's cofounder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Avinash Sharma, stated that this affiliation is the startup's first partnership with a corporate entity. "We are proud to support JSW, a forward-thinking business that is the first in India to provide an employee financial policy to support clean mobility. By the end of this year, we hope to enable one lakh charging points across the nation, and we think that this cooperation will help us achieve that aim " He stated.

The United States dollar (USD) 22 billion JSW Group has consistently been in the forefront of integrating sustainability into its core business operations and decision-making procedures, as well as adopting the Best Available Technologies (BAT) to improve performance with regard to climate effect.

The company's flagship, JSW Steel Ltd, has enacted a dedicated climate change strategy and set a challenging goal for reducing CO2 emissions by 42% over the baseline year of 2005 by 2030 (to a level of 1.95 tCO2/tcs). The CO2 that is gathered and purified at JSW Steel's 100TPD Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) facility in India is used in the beverage sector.

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