Electric vehicles catch fire, 20 e-scooters burst into flames in Nashik.

Another complaint of Electric Vehicle (EV) scooters catching fire has been made. This time, approximately 20 brand new electric scooters from Jitendra EV caught fire, maybe the largest EV fire mishap. On April 9, scooters were being transported from the factory in a container when the event occurred in Nashik.

The container contained 40 Jitendra electric scooters, and the upper deck, which housed 20 of these scooters, caught fire.

Jitendra Electric Vehicle stated that an investigation into the fire accident has been begun in order to discover the cause of the fire.

On April 9th, an unpleasant occurrence involving a scooter occurred at our industrial entrance. Our team's rapid involvement instantly brought the issue under control. Because safety is of the utmost concern, we are investigating the core cause and will shortly release results, the business stated.

The event is the latest in a string of mishaps using electric two-wheelers, prompting concerns about their safety. Since the start of summer, six cases of fire in electric scooters have been documented.

According to sources, government officials have confirmed that they are aware of the recent electric scooter fire and will contact the company's representatives to submit a complaint. Furthermore, the Road Ministry has already summoned top officials from Okinawa and Ola EV for a full presentation on the EV fire event and will make a decision based on that presentation.

Meanwhile, according to federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) analysis, EV sales in India tripled last fiscal year, with two-wheelers topping the market. According to FADA, the EV sold 429,417 units in fiscal year 2021-22, up from 134,821 units in fiscal year 2020-21.

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