During a surprise inspection, 80% of RTO workers are not in RTO offices .

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami conducted a surprise inspection of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) at Rajpur Road in Dehradun on Wednesday morning and discovered that more than 80% of workers had not arrived on time. When the Chief Minister (CM) examined the transport office, senior personnel, including regional transport officer Dinesh Chandra Pathoi, were not there.

Dhami toured the various areas of the office and talked with personnel who had arrived on time. The CM stated that the public began arriving to the RTO office at 9 a.m. to complete their tasks, but it was "surprising" that the personnel were not serious about their duties.

The CM also reviewed official data and spoke with personnel about the time it took to resolve people-related concerns. The chief minister summoned transport secretary Arvind Singh Hyanki and directed him to suspend RTO Dinesh Chandra Pathoi and halt payments to other missing staff. Ignorance of duty will not be condoned. If authorities or staff are proven to be negligent, strict punishment will be taken, the CM added.

Dhami informed Hyanki that the inspection is the result of multiple complaints against the department. Later in the day, the CM met with Hyanki and transport commissioner Ranvir Singh Chauhan to examine the department's operations and to guarantee that staff arrived on time.We will continue to conduct surprise inspections to ensure that departments are running properly. The aim is to guarantee that people do not suffer and that the work is completed as expected, the CM stated.

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