The deadline for various RTO-related projects, including the DL-RC, has been extended. Find out when you may acquire your Learning License.

The Delhi government has good news for the drivers. The Kejriwal administration has now extended the deadline for the learning license, which was set to expire in February 2020 but was originally set to expire in November 2021, until January 31, 2022. In light of Covid-19, the validity of motor vehicle papers such as the Driver's License (DL) has been extended by two months.

The Delhi government has good news for the drivers. The Learning License, which was due to expire between February 2020 and November 2021, has been extended till 31 January 2022 by the Kejriwal government. In light of Covid-19, the validity of motor vehicle papers such as the driver's license (DL) has been extended by two months. People were having trouble arranging driving test sessions in order to obtain a permanent license. Various papers relating to transportation, such as permits, fitness certificates, and registration certificates, would remain valid till the end of the year under the Delhi government's decree.

"Keeping in view the requests of the people and the difficulties being faced by the Delhi Learning License holders in getting slots for driving license test, We have now extended the validity of Learning License (LL) until 31st January 2022, which is 01.02. 2020 and 30.11.2O21," said Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot in a statement.

In Delhi, the deadline for obtaining a learning license has been extended.

Let us notify you that the Transportation Department has developed the e-learner license facility as part of its faceless service concept, which lets a candidate to take the driving test from their home or office. Learners license holders in Delhi may now apply for vacancies online. Applicants are offered time slots to take the driving test without having to visit a department office. The license is provided to the applicant's address when they pass the test.

You may now undertake this RTO-related work as well.

Residents of the country's capital, Delhi, are no longer required to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for documents such as a Driving License (DL), or a registration certificate. From February this year, the Transportation Department began testing the faceless system for transportation services, which was fully introduced in August. However, items like a permanent driving test or a vehicle fitness exam are not included in this function.

The applicants are offered 20 questions, each worth ten points, throughout the online test. These inquiries include road safety, traffic signs, and other topics. Applicants who receive a score of more than 6 will pass the exam. After completing the exam, the learner's license will be instantly issued online, and the applicant will be able to print it.

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