Diesel sales in India increased by 48% in the first two weeks of June.

According to preliminary statistics released on Wednesday, India's diesel consumption increased rapidly during the first two weeks of June, with long lines forming at certain petrol stations as supply fears escalated.

According to the report, retailers sold 3.4 million tones of gasoil from June 1 to 14, increasing 47.8% from the same time last year and 12% over the same period the previous month. Diesel sales were 1.28 million tones, up 54.2% year on year.

On Wednesday, the administration downplayed concerns about gasoline availability, claiming that extraordinary demand growth has caused some temporary logistics challenges in more rural areas.

"The seasonal boost in demand owing to agricultural operations, (and) bulk purchasers having switched their purchases to retail stores," the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas said in a statement.

About 90% of the country's retail gasoline stores are owned by the state-run Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

"Oil companies have geared up to address these difficulties by expanding stockpiles at depots and terminals, increasing truck mobility to serve retail outlets, and extending depot and terminal operating hours," the federal oil ministry stated.

The firms are ensuring that adequate supplies of gasoline and diesel are available to meet the increased demand, the government stated.

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