Dhoni's IPL promo has been ordered to be withdrawn.

Dhoni's Indian Premium Leage (IPL) promotion has been ordered to be cancelled. The Advertising Standards Council of India has requested that the promotion be withdrawn. Dhoni is featured as the bus driver in the advertisement, and he stops the bus in the midst of a packed road to watch the IPL final. When the traffic cops inquire about this, he responds that we are watching the IPL finals.

Even the IPL's bicycle traffic cops continue to downplay the event as routine. The Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) had filed a complaint against him, claiming that the advertising represented the traffic violation as arrogant. Following that, the Advertising Standards Council of India directed that this promotion be withdrawn.

Members of the Advertising Standards Council of India's Consumer Complaints Committee, together with corporate representatives, watched the film. In which he further stated that this promotion breaches the code of conduct and has ordered that it be amended or withdrawn altogether by April 30. The corporation has made a formal commitment to remove it.

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