To alleviate traffic congestion, Delhi is developing an AI-based traffic control system.

The new traffic management system relies on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks to pass quickly. The government will also establish a command centre at the Delhi Police Headquarters to supervise operations and monitor programming.

The project's goal, according to the traffic police, is to synchronise all traffic lights and automatically adjust the signal light. The Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) will also advise vehicles on other routes to use if there is heavy traffic ahead. The technology will also be connected with all civic-body-run parking lots, alerting cars of available free spaces before they arrive at the site.

Motorists can check the Municipal Corporation of Delhi's mobile app for updates, which will create a pop-up notification. It will also be linked to Google Maps, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police SK Singh (Traffic Headquarters-II).

The Delhi Traffic Police signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an integrated traffic management system with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) for this purpose, and the assignment has since been outsourced to a consulting firm. The initiative is now in its early stages, according to Singh.

According to the officer, they have been given eight months to complete the project, and the first Detailed Project Report must be created after assessing traffic at 42 intersections covering 1,200 signals and 600 blinkers, and must be delivered by November of this year.

Furthermore, the Public Works Department and the relevant municipal authorities have been enlisted to ensure proper road engineering. This will then be integrated into the Safe City initiative, according to Singh.

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