Heavy vehicle are been baned in Delhi would have an effect on business?

The decision by the Delhi government to prohibit medium and heavy goods vehicles for five months starting in October, according to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), will affect commerce in the city because it will restrict the flow of commodities. To lessen traffic pollution, the Delhi government decided to prohibit the use of medium and heavy cars from October through February of the next year. Vehicles transporting fruit, cereals, milk, vegetables, and other basic goods, according to officials, will be permitted.

According to a report by PTI, the trader's organization's Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal claimed that the government's move was poorly thought through because it was made without considering the repercussions. This judgement will cause a serious crisis since it forbids the importation of products into Delhi and the exportation of goods from Delhi for a period of five months. This is because all of the items in Delhi are transported in trucks from other states, and vehicles operate on diesel. No trucks can run on electric or CNG power because of the great distances, Khandelwal continued.

The secretary-general also mentioned how many businesses will suffer as a result of this decision since these five months are profitable owing to various celebrations and the wedding season. According to the article, the merchant's union has invited a conference of Delhi's top business associations for June 29 to deliberate the issue's next course of action.

According to the merchant's organisation, CAIT is in talks with transport organisations and would begin an agitation against the Delhi Government as a result because it will also negatively impact the transport industry. In an effort to cut automobile emissions, the Delhi government recently decided to prohibit the admission of heavy vehicles from other states from October to February. Due to stubble burning, weather, and vehicle emissions, Delhi's pollution reaches dangerous levels in the winter.

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