The Delhi government will put restrictions on the use of BS3 and BS4 diesel automobiles.

Along with the assistance of the local police, the Delhi Transport Department has sent out up to 120 enforcement teams to put restrictions on the use of BS3 and BS4 diesel four-wheelers on city streets.

The action is intended to stop the city's air pollution from getting worse, which is why the National Capital Region's government was told to adopt restrictions like a ban on building and demolition work as well as the use of cars that don't meet emission standards.

The enforcement teams will examine the cars by entering their VINs into the Vahan database and examining their make, model, and other details. The implementation of different pollution-related measures is taking up all 120 of the enforcement teams' time, according to a transport department official.

Gopal Rai, the environment minister for Delhi, will talk about the steps that will be put into action as part of GRAP stage III in a high-level meeting on Sunday. At 4 p.m., the 24-hour average air quality index for the capital city was 397, the lowest reading since January. During Diwali, there were 354 on Thursday, 271 on Wednesday, 302 on Tuesday, and 312 on Monday.

In an effort to reduce automotive pollution in the city, the authorities of the national capital had also planned a month-long campaign called "Red light on, Gaadi off." However, the campaign debut has been delayed because of a delay in receiving clearance from the LG.

While waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, volunteers are encouraging drivers to turn off their cars as part of this initiative. 2,500 civil defence volunteers will be sent this year to monitor the campaign's execution at 100 important traffic crossings, according to a previous statement from Rai. At each traffic light, an additional 10 volunteers will be stationed in two shifts.

Additionally, he had mentioned that the city's ten busiest junctions, where 20 volunteers will be placed, will be the main emphasis.

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