The Delhi government is educating e-cycle makers on how to upload documents to receive subsidies.

According to authorities, the Delhi government is holding a training session to show e-cycle makers how to enter information on a website to make subsidies available to customers. Official statistics show that since the government's June 22 site launch, 50 e-cycles have been sold.

According to a representative, "We held a training session for the original equipment manufacturers to teach them on how to upload buyer information for subsidy eligibility, documents to upload, and how they should be accurate in keying in the details so that the subsidy is credited to the buyer without any issues."

According to the source, the original equipment makers are now training their dealers for the uploading process and have been advised to come up with strategies to encourage the usage of e-cycles in Delhi.

Without subsidies, an electric bike might cost anywhere from Rs 30,999 to Rs 54,999.

Hero Lectro E-cycles, Nexzu Mobility Limited, Stryder Cycle Private Limited, Motorvolt Mobility Private Limited, Avon Cycles Limited, and E-Motorad are the six brands whose e-cycles have received approval.

The Delhi government is giving the first 10,000 people who purchase e-cycles in the city a subsidy of Rs 5,500 a piece.

According to the Delhi Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, the first 1,000 purchasers of passenger e-cycles would additionally receive an extra subsidy of Rs 2,000.

In order to lower pollution levels in the nation's capital, the Delhi government is strongly encouraging the use of electric vehicles. By 2024, the government hopes to have 25% of Delhi's new car registrations be electric vehicles under its Electric Vehicle (EV) programme.

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