Contactless services become inefficient, causing delays in the granting of licenses and RCs.

The wait for a Driving License (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) is becoming lengthier across the state as a result of technological issues with the transportation department's contactless services. According to sources, there is now a two-month delay.

"I applied for renewal on May 5, who utilized contactless service to renew his DL. I just paid Rs 50 for postal expenses, but the card is yet to be sent, despite the fact that the process was completed months ago. Why should I return to an RTO to receive my card now that I've already paid mailing charges? The goal of contactless service is to decrease the number of trips to RTOs. My driver's license has now expired, making it unlawful for me to drive, despite the fact that I had sought for renewal before it expired." stated N Sandeep,

According to a transportation official, payments paid via contactless service are sent straight to the state treasury. That payment must be delivered to the different RTOs in order for them to transmit smart cards via India Post. Previously, applicants had to include postal cover and stamps with their applications. It is not feasible in contactless services. As a result, many smart cards, particularly DLs, are languishing in RTOs.

Several applicants have also complained about being unable to finish payments online, necessitating them to visit RTOs.

Aside from that, reports claim that there is a major scarcity of smart cards, which is causing the issuing of Registration Certificates (RCs) to be delayed. Last year, the transportation department decided to discontinue the use of smart cards for RCs in favor of providing them in a digitized version that can be printed on paper.Following this ruling, the vendor supplying smart cards for RCs moved the high court, which permitted them to supply them for the duration of the contract. However, smart cards are in short supply due to a global chip shortage, according to another official. J Purushotham, the additional commissioner for transport (e-governance), was unavailable for comment.

Glitch hurts vehicle registration

According to reports, most RTOs have been unable to register new automobiles for the last week due to difficulties on the Vahan portal. Because of a technical difficulty with the system, lifetime tax payments for new automobiles are not being processed. Registrations in several RTOs in the state have been delayed as a result, a transport department source said.

A dealer told Abinav P, a prospective automobile buyer from Bellandur, that temporary registration could not be provided since the Vahan site had been down since last Thursday.

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