CNG car sales might reach a new high.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle sales in India are expected to reach a new high in Fiscal Year (FY23), driven by strong double-digit growth in demand, with lower total ownership costs tipping the scales in favour of gas-powered vehicles over those fueled by liquid automotive fuels.

CNG cars have operating expenses of Rs 2.1- Rs 2.2 per km, which are less than half of the Rs 5.30- Rs 5.45 per km of petrol and diesel vehicles.

"Even if CNG costs have risen in recent months, the difference (between petrol and diesel) remains significant. CNG cars also have superior fuel economy, which results in cheaper operating costs for consumers." Senior executive director Shashank Srivastava (marketing and sales),

CNG cars account for approximately a quarter of Maruti Suzuki's total sales. In fact, if not for output problems, CNG vehicle sales would have surpassed the company's high diesel vehicle sales of 4,74,953 units this fiscal. Maruti now has 1,30,000 CNG car orders pending, with the Ertiga having the highest wait time of roughly 8-9 months.

Hyundai, a Korean automaker, has seen average monthly sales of CNG-powered vehicles rise 58% this year and expects the trend to continue in the following months. In the first five months of the year, Hyundai sold 24,730 CNG cars, compared to 37,584 units sold in the entire year of 2021.

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