In a popular video, claims that smartwatches were used to steal money were debunked by FASTag.

India switched to paying toll taxes digitally using FASTag a few years ago. The employment of this technology has in some ways changed the nation's whole toll infrastructure. However, just recently, a video that questioned the safety of FASTag devices and scanners began to circulate online. According to the footage (below), a child carwasher can be seen stealing money from the FASTag that is fastened to the car's front windshield. The young person was observed wearing a smartwatch and moving the device in what appeared to be an attempt to scan the FASTag sticker. On the microblogging website, a user by the name of Sergeant Bikash submitted the video.

The Loot party new mode of loot. Be aware of this. Watch both part carefully how Apple wrist watch used for @FASTag_NETC scanning. Any remedy Mr @nitin_gadkari @OfficeOfNG @NHAI_Official kuch samajh aya foreign technology me se??

A debate about the safety of the FASTag devices has been sparked by the video's numerous likes and comments. The assertion made in the online video has since been refuted by an official statement from FASTag in which it is stated unequivocally that such fraudulent transactions are impossible. On Twitter, FASTag NETC responded that no transactions could be carried out using open internet connectivity.

In the official statement that follows, FASTag clarifies that only registered merchants (toll and parking plaza operators) who are onboarded by NPCI only from the relevant geo-locations are permitted to conduct NETC FASTag transactions. Any financial transaction on NETC FASTag cannot be started by an unauthorised device. It is completely secure.

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