School cars will no longer be allowed to operate unless they meet these conditions.

For the protection of children on school buses and vans, about a dozen requirements are required. Only once they have been completed may the automobile be driven on the road. These vehicles include school buses and vans. The school owners who do not have a fitness car have been notified. Even after receiving the notification, many of these school operators have yet to get their cars inspected. Vehicles are now required even during elections; in such a case, it is critical to complete the fitness process as soon as possible. These types of automobiles are on the market. The cops will start issuing takeover orders soon.

Special emphasis has been directed to these areas linked to safety in the notification provided, so that travel in school cars can be safe. Dheeraj Sahu, the commissioner of transportation, has already issued an order to that effect, notifying him.

These standards of safety in school vehicles are necessary:

Amit Rajan Rai, Assistant Divisional Transport Officer, said that whether it's a vehicle for election duty or a school bus, everyone must follow these safety guidelines. The school management, particularly in terms of vehicle fitness, registration, pollution certificate, fitness certificate, driver's Driving License (DL), driver's police verification, whether the driver received both doses of vaccine or not, mobile number, police helpline number registered on the vehicle or not, it is critical to have a fire extinguisher, Global Positioning System (GPS), Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, and speed control device in the vehicle. If the vehicle is discovered to be running without it, action will be taken. All school administrations should get their cars in working order before embarking on election duty.

School vehicle fitness notices have already been issued. It's election season now. If the school vehicle is shown to be unfit in this case, the management will be held accountable. Repair your automobiles as soon as possible. The police station will start issuing notifications in the near future Deputy Transportation Commissioner Nirmal Prasad said.

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