Changes to the Bharat Series standards for car registration.

Changes to the Bharat Series standards for car registration are proposed by the government, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

Giving other people access to BH series cars:

The government has authorized the transfer of vehicles with BH series registration marks to individuals who are qualified for or ineligible for BH series, according to the announcement. According to the statement, "vehicles already holding conventional registration markings can also be changed to BH series registration marks, subject to payment of the relevant tax, to help individuals who afterwards become eligible for BH series registration mark."

The applicability rule has changed:

In order to improve convenience for citizens, the ministry has also proposed amending regulation 48 to let people to apply for the BH series from their homes or places of employment.

Submission of certificates:

Additionally, it was said that the Working Certificate needed of employees in the private sector has been improved to prevent abuse.

The road transport ministry adopted the Bharat Series registration mark for new cars in September to enable the simple transfer of personal vehicles between states (BH series).

A new vehicle registration system that would exempt automobile owners from the need to re-register their vehicles when they move from one state or union to another was already announced by the ministry.

Defense personnel, employees of the central government, state government, central/state public sector undertakings, and private sector companies/organizations with offices in four or more states/union territories will all be able to register their vehicles under the "Bharat series (BH series)" on a voluntary basis, according to the MoRTH.

So far, the new Bharat Series (BH-series) for automobile registration has been introduced in 24 states and UTs, and more over 20,000 cars have been registered in the states.

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