CEO addresses 'Cruise Control Fee' for Ola scooter on 'Auto Pilot'.

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently shared his views on a video on social media in which a man is driving an Ola electric scooter. In the video, a man wearing a helmet can be seen driving the scooter without applying the accelerator, giving the illusion of a cruise control feature.

Since Aggarwal's post, it has garnered significant attention on social media, receiving over 2.9 lakh views and over a thousand reposts. Social media users offered various humorous explanations, suggesting scenarios such as remote operating the scooter or taking a break from the GPS.

However, some users expressed concerns about road safety violations and criticized Aggarwal for potentially endorsing such behavior. He cautioned against glorified practices that could compromise consumer ownership privileges and advocated prioritizing safety over commercial opportunities.

It is worth noting that the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is equipped with cruise control feature, which gets activated between 20 and 80 kilometers per hour by long pressing the designated button. According to the company's website, this feature is available in Normal, Hyper and Sports modes.

Despite the online buzz, Agarwal also shared positive news about Ola Electric's performance during the festive season. They announced a strong start to October with sales up nearly 30% compared to September. Aggarwal attributed this success to the dedicated efforts of the FutureFactory team, adding that employees have been working more than 70 hours a week to meet the increased demand during the festive season.

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