Central Government introduces new rules for obtaining a driving license.

Getting a driving license has been made more convenient and streamlined by the central government, eliminating the need for long trips to regional transport offices (RTOs) and traditional driving tests.

1. No Driving Test: One of the significant changes is the elimination of the need for the traditional driving test. Now you do not need to go to RTO for driving test.

2. Driving Schools and Training: Instead, you can register for a driving license through a recognized driving training institute. If you successfully pass the required tests at the institute, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate will serve as the basis for obtaining your driving license.

3. Minimum requirements for training facilities: Driving training institutes must have a minimum of one acre of land available for training facilities for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and light motor vehicles. Training centers for medium and heavy passenger goods vehicles or trailers require a minimum of two acres of land.

4. Qualified Instructors: Instructors at these institutes must meet specific qualifications, which include at least a Class 12 diploma, a minimum of five years of driving experience and a strong understanding of traffic rules.

5. Comprehensive Training: The training course will cover various aspects of driving. It includes 21 hours of instruction on basic roads, rural roads, highways, city streets, parking, reversing, driving on hilly terrain, etc. Apart from this, the 8-hour training will include topics like road safety, understanding the causes of accidents. Providing first aid and fuel management while driving.

These changes are aimed at making the process of obtaining a driving license more accessible and efficient for individuals. It reduces the need for physical visits to RTOs and simplifies the process by emphasizing on proper training and certification from recognized driving institutes.

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