The rules for obtaining a driver's licence were altered by the Central government.

If you plan on getting a driver's licence, this information will come in handy. You will no longer be required to attend the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to obtain a driver's licence. The rules for obtaining a driver's licence have been altered by the federal government. In fact, the government has made the DL procedure relatively simple. Please inform us of the government's new rule.

Now the driving test is not required

The rules for obtaining a driver's licence have been changed by the government. According to the new rule, you will no longer be required to take any type of driving test at the RTO. These guidelines were announced by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and they went into effect this month. Thousands of people who are on the RTO's waiting list for a driver's licence will be relieved by this new development.

It has been informed by the ministry

to individuals who have applied for a driver's licence and are awaiting their RTO test results. They can now register for a driver's licence at any approved driving training institution. They must attend Driving Training School and pass the test there, after which the school will issue a certificate to the candidates. The applicant's driver's licence will be issued based on this certificate.

Know what are the new rules

The Ministry of Road and Transport also has various criteria and conditions for training facilities, ranging from the location of the training centres to the education of the trainer. Let's get this straight.

  • The authorised agency will ensure that two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and light motor vehicle training centres have at least one acre of land, while medium and large passenger goods vehicles or trailers training centres would require two acres of land.
  • The trainer should have at least a 12th-class driver's licence and at least five years of driving experience, as well as a thorough understanding of traffic laws.
  • A teaching curriculum has also been prescribed by the ministry. The course for driving light motor vehicles will last a maximum of 4 weeks and up to 29 hours. These driving schools' curriculum will be separated into two parts: Theoretical and practical considerations.
  • Individuals must devote 21 hours to learning to drive on basic roads, rural roads, highways, city roads, reversing and parking, as well as uphill and downhill driving. The theory portion of the course will last 8 hours and will cover topics such as road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, accident causes, first aid, and driving fuel efficiency.

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