Booking for the Onix Group's e-bike ESO-10 has begun.

Onix, a company in the electric and renewable energy sectors, today unveiled the ESO-10 electric bicycle. The business announced that e-bike reservations are now available.

Black and white will be the available colors for the ESO-10 e-bikes. It provides an intelligent dashboard as far as functionality is concerned. A dual-suspension damping system and a disc brake system are also present.

On a full charge, the e-scooter has an effective range of 80 kilometers. Its 1000w-rated engine can pick up speed and can propel the e-scooter to high speeds of 50 km/hr.

The e-scooter is also quite powerful and has great climbing ability, enabling it to effortlessly navigate terrain with a 15 degree rise.

The scooter's ability to reverse like a vehicle reduces the rider's physical exertion, which is another distinctive characteristic.

In 2008, the business was established in Rajkot, Gujarat.

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