Auto-taxi unions in Mumbai will begin a strike on September 26.

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The taxi-rickshaw and drivers association cautioned about the potential of going on strike as they requested an increase in the tariffs on Friday in light of the continuing fuel price spike.

Uday Samant, the minister of industries, will meet with the delegates in the Mantralay.

In the event that their requests are not met, the group threatened to go on strike starting on September 26.

According to a statement from the Mumbai Taximen's Association, "The Mumbai Taximen's Union, Mumbai Taxi Association, and Autorickshaw Unions have decided to go on an indefinite strike from September 26, 2022 in protest against the failure to honour the committment made by Industrial Minister, Maharashtra State Uday Samant, to revise the taxi and autorickshaw fare."

The group further stated that the decision was made as a result of Minister Sawant breaking his prior pledges made during a meeting on September 13.

"It may be noted that on September 13, 2022, at Mantralaya, the Hon'ble Industrial Minister held a meeting of all the taxi and auto unions and pleaded with them to end their strike. Based on the Honourable Minister's guarantee, the Union decided to end the strike. However, the Honorable Minister broke his promise, hence the taxi and rickshaw drivers have chosen to strike starting on September 26, 2022," the sentence included

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