Auto-Rickshaw strike in the city after massive CNG price hike.

Rickshaw pullers in Ahmedabad city went on strike on Friday in protest of the skyrocketing price of compressed Natural Gas (CNG), with a mixed response to the strike. Thus, according to the committee, the strike received a mixed response. At the same time, the committee of rickshaw drivers has announced to hold a rickshaw rally from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar Raj Bhavan on April 26.

The rickshaw strike in Ahmedabad received a mixed response, leaving passengers stranded at public places, including STs and railway stations. The strike, which started at 6 am and ended at 6 pm, was followed by a meeting of the anti-price hike committee in Ahmedabad, which raised the issue that neither the gas company nor the government has given any guarantee or decision to withdraw the hike after the strike. The movement will be taken to the state level in the near future. It has been decided in the meeting that rickshaw drivers will hold a rickshaw rally to Gandhinagar on April 26.

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