The Assam government has launched an online system.

The Assam government has introduced a new online method that makes it unnecessary to visit transport offices and enables the hassle-free issue of driving licences and car registration certificates.

The issuance of Quick Response (QR) code-based registration certificates and driver's licence cards, which have replaced chip-based smart cards, has reportedly undergone a system change, according to Transport Secretary Adil Khan.

According to him, it has been put into effect in line with the Union Ministry of Road Transport's announcement.

The new system eliminates the need for repeated trips to Data Transfer Object (DTO) offices to turn in paperwork, pay fees, and pick up printed licences, according to Khan.

The new Registration Certificate (RC) and QR code placed on it will include additional security components such as a Guilloche pattern, micro line, watermark, and hologram underneath the top layer.

The printing process will be handled by distant centralized facilities, and the licence will be sent by mail within 3-5 days after passing the driving test, thus there is no need to visit the DTO to obtain one.

The benefits of the driving licence with the QR code include that any law enforcement or traffic staff may quickly and easily verify the history of a card holder by scanning the QR code with a mobile device, and there is no chance of duplication, the official added.

The creation and supply of RCs at dealer locations and driving licences through remote, centralized facilities, according to the transport secretary, would do away with the need for middlemen and increase system transparency.

The adoption of the new system is expected to benefit between 10-15 lakh motorists annually, according to the transport authorities, Khan continued.

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