As the MVD tightens enforcement on offences, failing to wear a helmet may now result in the loss of your licence.

The Motor Vehicles Department's (MVD) enforcement Regional Transport offices (RTOs) have been directed to take strict steps such as licensee revocation for even minor breaches of drivers such as not wearing a helmet when riding two-wheelers.

The directive comes at a time when traffic accidents are on the rise in the state. Furthermore, the agency anticipates that the monsoon will exacerbate the riding conditions. They believe that allowing minor breaches will result in larger penalties.

Two pillion riders on motorcycles, not wearing a helmet, over speeding, disobeying a red light, using a cellphone while driving, driving while intoxicated, and failing to halt for inspection will result in license termination.

The MVD has now penalised these offences. However, many drivers continue to break the regulations.

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