A leader in the automobile industry? See whether you possess any of these qualities.

It's important to adopt new business models as the car eventually becomes a high-tech smartphone on wheels. Undoubtedly, the change calls for a new breed of thinking leaders that can quickly adapt to the shifting settings. The automotive industry is at a turning point as it transitions to cleaner transportation options and faces technological disruption. It's important to adopt new business models as the car eventually becomes a high-tech smartphone on wheels. Undoubtedly, the transition calls for a new breed of thinking leaders that can quickly adapt to shifting contexts. In order to successfully implement change while keeping the old engine operating, organisations must have critical thinkers on staff. Let's go over the characteristics that auto leaders essentially possess or what to look for in a modern auto leader.

Curiosity helps

It is essential for an auto leader to be at ease with the always changing business environment and to be open to change; doing so will help the team grow and perform at its best. A leader who is inquisitive, willing to try new things, and actively seeks out a culture of feedback in his constituency can be advantageous to the company from many angles. In order to succeed, a leader should, to put it simply, adopt the experimenting-reviewing-extrapolating-progressing methodology. A leader must be able to predict the future and see the offers from a future-proof perspective in an era where business models are based on EVs and shifting mobility dynamics.

Path Breaker

Before the global pandemic, the auto sector had some significant challenges from electric mobility, driverless vehicles, linked mobility, and ride-sharing. Now, every other organisation is hopping on the bandwagon. Future auto executives who are not restricted to conventional procedures are expected to have a disruptive attitude. Instead, they must be energised by the conference. When you work with the idea of ambitious intent over a slow expansion, this has a significant impact. The secret to effective leadership is having the capabilities to improve user experience, IoT, and AI along with the agility and flexibility to quickly re-work, re-think, and re-purpose plans to what the modern world demands.

Evolving challenges

The innovate and get going philosophy drives the next generation of automotive executives, who can effectively lead the team strategically and produce positive results. All that is necessary, or, to put it another way, SWOT analysis done correctly, is dealing with the difficulties that arise, debating and analysing a variety of difficulties, foreseeing potential outcomes, and lastly designing new business models that best fit the matrix.

Out-of-the-box thinking

The leader in the automobile industry must keep current as a specialist in the field and constantly seek to expand his skill set while encouraging his staff to do the same. While the sector is still developing, one must acquire newer skills, possess the expertise to test new practises, introduce them to the market, and be forward-thinking from a what next perspective. This necessitates using a variety of permutations and combinations together with a crisis management approach in order to avoid becoming overburdened at the same time. A committed team that is equally committed to working for the welfare of the organisation is essential, even though the focus is on the development and growth of the organisation. The ability to lead a team where there are no barriers to communication and where everyone puts forth effort is perhaps the most crucial attribute of a leader. A leader who is culturally adaptable can do this successfully.

While the organization's growth and development are the main concerns, it is crucial to have a dedicated workforce that is equally motivated to working for the organization's welfare. A culturally adaptable leader can successfully lead a team where there are no barriers to communication and everyone contributes to the effort. This is maybe the most crucial attribute in a leader.

Quick decision-making skills

There are numerous slips between the cup and the lip, as the adage goes. If great ideas are not adequately implemented, they lose their value. Fast decisions are consequently valued because there have been many instances where taking longer to make a decision has hampered success. Fast decision-makers are likely to have a 95 percent greater profitability rate, according to a McKinsey research report. Execution discipline is crucial for the team's high performance as well as the overall advantages of the organisation. Many traditional OEMs still experience organisational silos and hierarchical procedures, which are unnecessary in fast-growing economies like ours. The Top 100 Future Mobility Leaders Hunt for the FE Mobility Leadership Challenge has begun. For engineering and management students, India's first and most sought-after programme is available by clicking here!

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