Anand Mahindra Urges Stylish Three-Wheeler Production in India

 Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has praised a unique three-wheeler that was recently seen in Manhattan. He highlighted the vehicle's distinctiveness from traditional commercial rickshaws, emphasizing that it was not designed for last mile mobility but rather had style and innovation.

Mahindra also expressed hope that such a stylish three-wheeler could one day be manufactured by an Indian company. He underlined India's significant presence in the global three-wheeler segment, which means Indian manufacturers have the potential to create innovative and stylish vehicles.

The style is shown in a post on this. Could we see it made by an Indian company some day? After all, we are the global leader in the three-wheeler industry.

Earlier, Anand Mahindra had praised Google's decision to make Pixel 8 smartphones in India. Responding to news about Google's manufacturing plans, he proudly mentioned that they had informed people in the US that their iPhone 15 was manufactured in India. He also revealed his intention to switch to India-made Pixel phones when they become available.

Mahindra shared an interesting anecdote from his experience, describing how he traveled to the US to get a local SIM card. Went to Verizon store in US and proudly told the salesman that his iPhone 15 is made in India. He was pleased to see the seller's surprised reaction. He said he also has a Google Pixel and will switch to the India-made version after its release. He envisioned that, by that time, India would gain international recognition as a manufacturing superpower, thereby removing any doubts about products made in India.


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