Advanced EV Batteries Make the Transition from the Lab to the Factory.

A group of scientists and the companies they founded are constructing factories to manufacture next-generation battery cells, allowing automakers to begin road testing the technologies to determine their safety and reliability. The factory operations are mostly small-scale, and it will be several years before vehicles with high-performance batteries hit the market. However, the start of assembly-line production raises the tantalising prospect of an electric mobility revolution.

If the technologies can be mass-produced, electric vehicles could compete for convenience while undercutting fossil-fuel-powered vehicles in price. Emissions from automobile traffic could be significantly reduced. If they haven't already, the inventors of the technologies could easily become billionaires.

As the overall auto market stagnates, the popularity of battery-powered vehicles is increasing globally. The Biden administration recently proposed regulations requiring charging stations built with federal funds to be no more than 50 miles apart. Meanwhile, General Motors has stated that it hopes to become a dominant force in the electric vehicle industry.

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