According to the Regional Transport Office, renting a two-wheeler is illegal (RTO)

The RTO's warning comes after various bike rental businesses, including popular transportation applications, became active in the city. Think again the next time you want to hire a bike-taxi in the city. This is because, according to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Pune, such services are prohibited.

The Pune RTO has issued a warning against using two-wheelers as a commercial means of transportation for passenger commutes. According to a statement made by RTO Pune, such transportation service is not in accordance with state transportation rules.

The RTO's warning comes after various bike rental businesses, including popular transportation applications, became active in the city. As the traffic in Pune worsens, the notion of renting a two-wheeler for a few days or as a taxi service for commuting instead of booking a cab is gaining traction among locals.

It is a violation of the licensing and registration laws if bike taxis registered under the private category are utilized for renting purposes. Passengers who use such a service will not get any advantages, such as insurance reimbursement in the event of an accident. Websites and apps are used by businesses to do business. Drivers providing such services violate transportation and road safety regulations, such as not wearing helmets, said Sanjay Sasane, deputy RTO Pune.

According to authorities, many young people are involved in this type of activity. We need to raise awareness about this. This was brought to our attention by a road safety organization. Young people are flocking into this company for the easy money. The two-wheelers cannot be rented since no operator has been authorized. If such transactions are taking place, they must be notified, Sasane added.

The pattern of a two-wheeler rental service varies depending on the provider. Some companies hire out two-wheelers on a daily or weekly basis. While some platforms have provided passengers with taxi-like services.

One cannot operate in Pune without a two-wheeler. Locals own them, but what about city tourists who are just here for a short time? Renting a bike for the day or using its pick-up and drop-off service is a suitable choice for such persons. Unless and until public transportation in cities improves, the demand for private automobiles will endure, said Chinmay Joshi, a regular visitor to Pune.

Citizens have emphasized the challenge of identifying such behaviors. How will officials determine whether or not someone hired the vehicle? It is quite tough to pursue in day-to-day city traffic. Road safety is also critical. Everyone must abide by the rules. However, such warnings would be ineffective unless they are reinforced, said Dhanashree Bhagat, an IT specialist.

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