According to a survey, more Indians are inclined to purchase.

CHENNAI: According to a report, a growing proportion of Indian consumers are ready to purchase electric automobiles. The Electric Vehicle Customer Awareness Study was published on Monday by the online car portal CarDekho in collaboration with the international advertising and marketing firm OMG (Omnicom Media Group).

EVs currently make up less than 1% of all vehicles sold, but they might increase to 5% within a few years. A total of 3.8 lakh electric cars, of which 58% were low-speed E3W and 40% were E2W, were sold in India in 2019 to 2020.

According to the poll, 53% of consumers stated they were very likely to purchase an electric car, with the overall willingness to purchase electric vehicles at 66%. 13% of those polled said they were not yet prepared for the change, while 19% said they were unsure.

Additionally, 68% of the respondents expressed concern for the environment and agreed that converting to EVs will help reduce air pollution, while 11% and 6% of respondents cited driving enjoyment and cheaper maintenance costs as the primary factors in their decision to switch to EVs.

The EV market does, however, face some difficulties. According to 43% of respondents, frequent recharging will be a major concern, 20% expressed worries about the dependability of EVs during long drives or intercity travel, and 16% thought that a lack of adequate infrastructure (charging stations) would be a greater obstacle. Pricing was cited as a major factor by over 12% of those polled.

This survey's main goal was to assess consumer psychology and determine what kinds of information or services from auto OEMs may aid consumers in making purchasing decisions. Respondents recommended that manufacturers provide a comprehensive list of service locations in every city, accessories for quick and simple home charging, and a guarantee of an extended service warranty for the vehicle.

Potential purchasers of 4W vehicles were surveyed throughout India. Nearly 40% of the respondents are SUV owners, 29% are hatchback owners, and 25% are sedan owners.

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