According to Nitin Gadkari, India will soon have ethanol-powered vehicles.

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has pushed for India to adopt an electric vehicle culture in order to advance sustainable transportation. The minister recently went to a gathering in Nagpur where he spoke about the upcoming plans for ethanol-powered vehicles.

Gadkari stated during the ceremony that the nation will soon have vehicles that run entirely on ethanol. He also said that Toyota, a major automaker, is preparing to convert the Camry into a 100% ethanol-powered vehicle, which would be on sale in India in August. He claimed that by using this energy, 40% of power would be produced.

On ethanol-powered automobiles, Nitin Gadkari

The minister told the audience that two-wheeler producers like TVS (Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram), Bajaj, and Hero are also keeping up with the competition and will soon release scooters that will operate entirely on ethanol.

Vehicles powered by ethanol Costs

According to Gadkari, If you compare ethanol with petrol, it will cost Rs 15 per litre of fuel because ethanol costs Rs 60 while petrol costs Rs 120 per litre. Additionally, it would produce 40% of the electricity. The typical price of ethanol is Rs 15 per liter.

Mercedes-Benz has EV (Electric Vehicle) plans.

Gadkari discussed his interaction with the CEO of Mercedes-Benz during the event. The brand, according to the minister, disclosed its future ambitions for electric vehicles. He told me that in the future, the luxury automobile company will only make electric cars.

Nitin Gadkari on Truck AC

Gadkari, meantime, recently spoke at an auto show about making air conditioning a requirement for truck cabins. The minister acknowledged his signature on a document requiring air conditioning in truck driver cabins.

He claimed that despite the hot climate inside the vehicle, the decision was made to improve the well-being of the drivers.

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